SPC Project being part of SSS, it comes under State Level Suraksha Setu Society. At Range level, it is supervised by the office of IG, Surat Range.
Backbone of the scheme is Drill Instructors who are drawn from police and CPOs who are regular school teachers. Their team is supported by PSLO who is local police station in-charge and School Level Advisory Committee.
DNO who is DySP HQ co-ordinates with all the SPC schools of the district.

District Level Advisory Committee will supervise and provide support of different departments associated with SPC. The Student Police Cadet scheme envisages a well-designed two-year training program, with different components. Ongoing supervision and evaluation are essential for its success. Therefore, a hierarchy of advisory bodies and executive officials has to be constituted, with clear role and responsibilities for project implementation, as below:
It will consist of the following:
Executive Committee of State Level Suraksha Setu Society will work as SLAC for SPC.

Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Chairman
Principal Secretary (Education) Member
Director General of Police Member
Secretary (Home) Member
ADGP (Administration) Member
Financial Advisor (Home) Member
IGP (SCRB) Member-Secretary


  • Advising Government in the development of SPC program.
  • Helping Government departments plan and implement SPC program.
  • Making arrangements for preparation of training modules for key persons and CPOs.
  • Making arrangements for the periodic evaluation of SPC Program.
  • Encouraging research and publication works in connection with SPC.
  • Overseeing the maintenance of state, district, school level records for the implementation of the program.
  • Supervising the functioning of SPC at various levels.
  • Recommending the government to increase the strength of cadets in the state.
  • Mobilizing funds from various sources including government for the Implementation of the SPC program.


It will consist of the following:
DM and Collector - Patron
Superintendent of Police - Chairman
District Development Officer - Member
District Forest Officer - Member
Head of DLSA - Member
Chief Engineer DGVCL - Member
District Education Officer - Member
District Information Officer - Member
District Sports Officer - Member
District Medical Officer - Member
DYSP HQ – Member Secretary
Superintendent Excise and Prohibition - Member
Road Transport Officerr - Member
This committee will support, monitor and evaluate project implementation in SPC schools in the respective District.


  • Providing necessary support and guidance for SPC program in schools
  • Preparing priority list of schools where SPC project would be implemented.
  • Co-ordinating various departments for the smooth functioning of SPC program.
  • Monitoring school-level SPC activities throughout the District
  • Proposing district-level program and activities for facilitating development and ensuring ongoing effectiveness of SPC scheme


It will consist of the following:
School Manager - Patron
Principal - Chairman
Police Station Incharge - Convener
President PTA - Member
Range Forest Officer - Member
Medical Officer CHC/PHC - Member
Deputy Engineer DGVCL - Member
Deputy Mamalatdar Disaster Management - Member
School Inspector - Member
Representative of PAICA Center – Member
This committee will have responsibility for overseeing and supporting project implementation in the school, with meetings every month.


  • Providing necessary support and guidance for SPC program in the school.
  • Supporting the SPC unit in the effective conduct of programs.
  • Mobilizing funds and infrastructure for SPC unit.
  • Co-ordinating with the PTA for various SPC program.
  • School advisory committee can change the programs according to the specific circumstances of the school (Sports meet, Science, Mathematics, Work Experience, IT Fairs etc).
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