Expected Outcomes

The following tangible outcomes are already felt:


  • Improvement in physical fitness, physical and mental endurance.
  • Increased vigor, confidence, self discipline and more responsible behavior.
  • Fearless and free interaction with police and better understanding of functions and roles of police.
  • Positive attitude and readiness to serve others.
  • Improvement in academic performance and better participation in extra-curricular activities.
  • Time and goal consciousness
  • Willingness to abide by law and motivate others to do the same.

    • School premises and its surroundings made free from sales and usage of tobacco and tobacco products, other intoxicating substances and influence of antisocial elements.
    • Schools are made free from accident and traffic congestion.
    • Improvement in internal discipline. Children with deviant behavior are identified and brought to the attention of teachers.
    • Neat, clean and plastic free School Campus. Gardens of flowers, medicinal plants are grown in some schools.
    • Smooth and effective organizing of school level functions.
    • Improvement in academic performance.


    • Willingness to change. Being forced to obey law since their children insist upon them to do so.
    • High appreciation of behavioral changes and responsible behavior among their children.
    • Increased interest and knowledge in better and effective parenting.


    • Better and responsible behavior.
    • Motivation to serve as a role model for community members.
    • Opportunity to improve the image of Police, by correcting negative impressions created by Films and Media in young minds.
    • Increased flow of information regarding antisocial activities.
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