Frequently ask Questions

Question 1 The word stands for SPC scheme?
Answer SPC words stands for student Police Cadet.
Question 2 Where have SPC scheme been introduced first time?
Answer The SPC scheme was started by Kerala Police and implemented it successfully. The Gujarat Police have decided to implement the scheme in the state.
Question 3 Both girls and boys students can join in SPC scheme?
Answer Yes, both can join in SPC
Question 4 SPC cadets have to pay any fee?
Answer In SPC scheme, the cadets do not have to pay any fees.
Question 5 In SPC scheme what is the source of fund?
Answer state government sanctions grant to Surksha Setu Society for the every district. SPC is funded from that.
Question 6 which class students can take part in SPC? For how long?
Answer SPC scheme is a two-year training program for students of 8th and 9th Standard.
Question 7 How many numbers of cadets and platoons are there in one batch?
Answer Each SPC school has two platoons, one platoon each of 22 girls and 22 boys of 8th class are selected every year who complete 2 years training during 8th and 9th class.(total 44 junior cadets from 8th standard and 44 senior cadets from 9th class)
Question 8 Can SPC affect the education of the students adversely?
Answer No, rather it is expected and experienced that it impacts the overall personality of the students in a positive manner and therefore they perform better in their academics too.
Question 9 In how many schools the schemes is implemented?
Answer The state government intends to implement the SPC scheme in one school per police station throughout the state. Right now it is implemented in 40 schools of Valsad, Navsari, Surat Rural, Tapi and Dangs districts from the academic year 2013-14. It is expected to be implemented in other parts of the state from the academic year 2014-15.
Question 10 How much training is given per week in terms of time?
Answer 4 periods of 45 minutes for indoor training and 4 periods of 45 minutes for outdoor training- total 8 periods- per week.
Question 11 On which days of week SPC classes are conducted?
Answer In the beginning of the academic year, the school plans 4 indoor and 4 outdoor periods per week in their time table.
Question 12 When is SPC camp scheduled?
Answer Two 3 day non residential camp is organised at school level during Janamastami and Diwali Holidays and a 7 day district level residential Summer Camp is organised during summer vacation at one place within the district.
Question 13 what is the syllabus of outdoor training?
Answer Many activities as drill, parade, cross country run, yoga etc included in training schedule.
Question 14 what is the syllabus of indoor training?
Answer In indoor classes following modules are taught in two years:
  1. Nature
  2. Values
  3. Family and Society
  4. Traffic Awareness
  5. Health and Hygiene
  6. Communication
  7. Law and Citizenship
  8. Disaster Management
  9. Media Literacy
  10. Leadership and Personality Development
Question 15 Is there necessary to complete training for two years to get certificate?
Answer Yes. The government spends considerable amount on each cadet, therefore the cadet and her/his parents have to make an agreement to complete the two years training and adhere to it.
Question 16 Can SPC scheme implemented in private school?
Answer The government, government aided and private school can be selected for SPC but the preference is given to the government and government aided schools. If a private school wishes to start SPC, they have to bear with the expenses.
Question 17 Which projects are included in SPC scheme?
Answer many project as my tree, friend of home, shubh yatra, waste management, de-addiction legal awareness etc are taken up by SPC cadets.
Question 18 What kind of places the cadets visit during training?
Answer The cadets visit police station, jail, government offices, historical places etc during their training.
Question 19 What is the uniform for SPC for parade?
Answer The uniform for parade is khaki pants - shirts , black belt - boots , khaki socks , blue Barrett cap , khaki lanyard with whistle for drills and P
Question 20 What is the uniform for SPC for physical training?
Answer White t- shirt , navy blue pants , black shoes.
Question 21 What is the expected impact of SPC on different stakeholders?
Answer School – more disciplined school, neat clean and plastic free campus and smooth organizing of school level functions.
Parent – appreciate law abiding behaviors and increased interest and knowledge in parenting.
Teachers – change in attitude towards police and awareness about the problems of adolescents
Question 22 CPO word stands for?
Answer Community police officer.
Question 23 ACPO word stands for?
Answer Additional Community Police Officer.
Question 24 Is there any specific subject teacher being preferred for CPOs and ACPOs?
Answer No. CPOs and ACPOs can be selected from any subject teacher. But they certainly should be enthusiastic to work for the scheme.
Question 25 Who is appointed as drill instructor in SPC?
Answer trained policeman, two per school.
Question 26 Is there any extra salary given to CPO / ACPO (community police officer) and DI (Drill instructor)?
Answer Each of them get an honorarium of Rs 1000 per month on satisfactory completion of their duties.
Question 27 Is there any scholarship given to student in SPC scheme ?
Answer No
Question 28 Has Gujarat Government given permission to the SPC scheme?
Answer Yes , the State Government issued a notification to implement the scheme in the whole state.
Question 29 Is there any future benefit cadet can get when he/she applies for government job?
Answer The student who has completed SPC training is not given any preference in Government job, However due to overall development in their personality, there career prospects improve.
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