Project Framework


The vision of SPC Project is a humane and just society where citizens respect and follow laws willingly, practice responsible behavior towards others, demonstrate empathy for weaker sections of society, participate in tackling community issues and resist threats to the natural environment. The mission of the SPC Project is to unlock the potential of our youth and make them capable of becoming social leaders with global vision guided by humanitarian values.


  • To mould a generation of youth who willingly respect and abide by Law, and who practice civic sense, democratic behavior and selfless service to society as the natural way of life.
  • To facilitate development of good health, physical and mental fitness, self-control and discipline in youth, thereby enhancing their capacity for hard work and personal achievement.
  • To enable youth to work with police and other enforcement authorities including Forest, Transport, and Excise in preventing crime, maintaining law and order, promoting road safety, and improving internal security and disaster management.
  • To develop social commitment in youth and empower them against deviant behavior in themselves and others, thereby preventing growth of social evils such as drug and alcohol abuse, intolerance, vandalism, separatism, and terrorism in society.
  • To enable youth to explore and develop their inner potential in achieving success, by inculcating in them leadership, teamwork skills, innovative thinking and problem solving ability.
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of effective use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) among youth, preventing its negative influence and enabling them to benefit from the vast potential of ICT.
  • To motivate youth to develop secular outlook, respect for other’s fundamental rights and willingness to carry out their fundamental duties as enshrined in the Constitution of India by developing in them qualities of Patriotism, Open-mindedness, Large-heartedness, Inclusiveness, Capability and Effectiveness (POLICE).
It would also generate a pool of disciplined and aware youth who could be tapped for recruitment into police. It will help in improving service delivery by police and change in community perception towards police.

The objectives of the Student Police Cadet project are synchronous with the goals of the National Youth Policy which seeks to involve youth in the noble work of nation building.


The SPC motto is “We learn to serve.” The feeling of togetherness implied by 'we' should be reinforced in students to enable them to shoulder the responsibility both of learning and social service. Service-mindedness emphasized by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, is to be instilled in young minds to make them ideal future citizens. Learning and Growing through Service is the primary idea encapsulated in the SPC motto.


The letters “SPC” are engraved in gold on blue background signifying discipline. The Asoka Chakra positioned just above it stands for the sovereignty and integrity of the nation. Below it is inscribed the Indian motto “Satyameva Jayate”, which means “Truth always prevails”. Gujarat Police’s three objectives Service, Security and Peace adore bottom of the logo.


The flag is designed with the emblem of SPC engraved on blue background. The flag stands for Nationalism blended with integrity, discipline and creativity.


SPCs are expected to wear appropriate uniform during training as well as when engaged in project-related activities. Two types of uniforms are prescribed, worn depending upon the type of activity:
  1. Official: Khaki Pants and Shirt, Black Belt, Black Leather Shoes with Khaki Socks, Blue Beret Cap, and Lanyard with whistle, SPC badge, SPC Shoulder Letters & Insignia, Name.
  2. Physical Training: Sky-blue T-shirt, Navy-blue Pants, Blue Canvas Shoes.


The SPC project is a synergistic partnership between the internal security framework of a state and its educational institutions that:
  • Trains and encourages youth to develop respect for law and to practice abiding by law as a way of life.
  • Uses existing network, infrastructure and leadership qualities of Police to supplement physical, mental and educational development of youth
  • Creates confident youth willing to react against social evils, and capable of finding solutions to community problems.
  • Enables school communities to create safe school environments.
  • Stimulates parents and community leaders to work with police in creating safer communities.
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