Project Implementation


District-level Advisory Committee will draw up a priority list of schools, who have expressed an interest to commence SPC units. These schools must satisfy criteria laid down for inclusion in the program, and be willing to support SPC project implementation. DNOs will verify the availability of training facilities in such schools. Final priority list of schools from each District will be submitted to State Advisory Committee, for final screening and approval.


  • School must have minimum strength of 100 students, and must be either Government or Government-aided school. Exception can be made by School Level Advisory Committee.
  • SPC schools must have an active and supportive Parent Teacher Association
  • There must be two willing teachers to serve as Community Police Officers, one of whom must be a lady
  • There must be a ground and facilities adequate for providing physical training for cadets
  • There must be a special office for the SPC project, with separate changing rooms for boy cadets and girl cadets.
  • School facilities shall be provided for CPOs and ACPOs to participate in project-related training camps and workshops.
  • There may be a maximum of SPC schools in one Police District, with one school to each Police Station. If Police Stattion doesn’t find school meeting criteria, it will find school in neighboring Police station.
  • Monthly report of SPC activity will be prepared by CPO and DI jointly and will be sent to PSLO, DNO and sent to Range IG through SP.
  • Quarterly report will be prepared by three member committee appointed by SP and Sent to IG.
  • Range IG will monitor SPC activities independently also.


First year cadets are called Junior Cadets and Second year cadets are called Senior Cadets. The strength of each batch will be 44 cadets i.e. two platoons of 21+1 each. In case of co-educational schools (with both Boys and Girls) one platoon must be of girls only. For selection as SPCs, students
  • Must have secured a minimum of 50% marks or C+ grade in the previous annual examination.
  • Must possess required physical and medical fitness.
  • Must produce the conduct certificate from the Headmaster or Principal and consent letter from parent or guardian.


In each SPC School, two dedicated and service-minded teachers will be selected as Community Police Officer (CPO)/Additional Community Police Officer (ACPO), with responsibility for implementing the SPC program in the school. One of them will be a lady teacher. Teachers from any discipline may be appointed as CPOs.


In each SPC school, two trained police personnel will be assigned to function as Drill Instructors, entrusted with the task of training the SPCs. The DIs are police personnel attached to the local Police Station or AR camp, and will undergo special training for the SPC project.


Each year, the CPO, ACPO and Drill Instructors in a school will draw up a school-specific SPC Activity Calendar, meant for the cadets in that school. This schedule will follow the guidelines and instructions laid down in the Annual State SPC Activity Calendar, which is a timetable of activities that the SPC units statewide are expected to follow. Detailed schedules for each training component as well as activities, camps, field visits and so on are listed in this calendar.


Every month, before a specified date, CPO/ACPO will prepare and submit to the respective DNO a report on the implementation of SPC in that school. The Monthly Performance Report is in the form of a pre-designed format, with provision for including all details relevant to such a report. Drill Instructors will assist the CPO/ACPO in this task.


At the end of the two-year training program, all cadets will undergo a battery of tests, including physical, written and skill-based components. On the basis of the performance in such tests, each SPC will be awarded grades appropriate to his/her level of proficiency. Cadets will also be eligible for SPC Training Completion Certificates on successful completion.
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