SPC Training Programme

The training program of the SPC project comprises of a planned mix of classes, workshops and activities with five components:


The goal of physical training is to inculcate desirable standards of health, physical fitness, discipline in mind and body of cadets, team spirit, and capability and endurance to carry out assigned responsibilities. Drill Instructors visit SPC schools and conduct physical training for cadets, including Drill, Parade, Cross-country March, Yoga, Unarmed Combat, Games etc., as per the Annual SPC Activity Calendar.


The goal of indoor training is to acquaint cadets with Police-related topics, Matters of Law, Constitutional Principles, Community Policing, National Movements, Personality Development principles, inculcate in them self-esteem and raise them as confident citizens. In each SPC school, CPOs and DIs organize indoor classes on various topics as above, as per the Activity Calendar.
  1. Nature
  2. Values
  3. Family and Society
  4. Traffic Awareness
  5. Health and Hygiene
  6. Communication
  7. Law and Citizenship
  8. Disaster Management
  9. Media Literacy
  10. Leadership and Personality Development


A major component of the training program consists of field visits by cadets to establishments that administer, implement and adjudicate the law, places of historical, cultural, scientific and national importance, etc. These visits provide practical exposure to cadets, and raise awareness of citizenship values in them. CPOs and Drill instructors coordinate with PSLOs to arrange such visits.
  • Police Station, Court, Jail, & Fire Station
  • Historical, cultural & national monuments
  • Centers of Science and Technology
  • Hospital, Juvenile and Old Age Homes, Orphanages
  • Media Centers
  • Industry
  • Administrative HQs like DM and SP offices


During their two-year training period, SPCs take part in camps, both residential & non-residential.
A 7 day residential district level camp is organised during summer vacation and two 3 day non residential camps are organised at school level one during Janamasti holidays and one during Diwali vacations.
  • Camps provide cadets with opportunities for leadership development, life skills acquisition and personality enhancement.
  • Camps enable creation of healthy team spirit and self-esteem within each cadet.
  • Camps create better understanding of the SPC Project and its objectives in cadets


Leadership qualities of SPCs are strengthened by participation in various community issues such as road safety, drug and substance abuse, environmental protection, and aspects of law and crime. They are also encouraged to participate in social service projects, take responsibility during school festivals, sports meets, etc. and traffic control duties.
  • Community Projects are supervised activities that form an integral part of the SPC training program.
  • They are meant to achieve/put into practice one or more of the overall objectives of the SPC project
  • They involve school-level coordination with officials of supporting Departments, viz. Transport, Forest, LSG, Excise, Health etc.
  • They deliver measurable results in terms of learning outcomes, personal development, skill acquisition and increased effectiveness.
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