Training Of Trainers

Since the SPC scheme envisages a well-rounded yet intensive in-school training program for high school students, it is equally necessary that their instructors be equipped to carry out their responsibilities. Hence, CPOs, DIs, and other SPC officials need to undergo training in various aspects of the program. The SPC scheme makes provision for regular training of such officials, including refresher training, by senior and experienced trainers. Preferably all such training programs are to be conducted at State Police Academies/Training Centers. Three categories of training programs are designed, as below:


  1. For CPOs & ACPOs This is a 14 day residential training course for CPOs and ACPOs, comprising an in-depth coverage of the various aspects of the SPC program. The course includes field-training for teachers in the various outdoor training modules, including parade, physical training, and other activities. Classes and training routines are conducted by senior police officers connected with the SPC program. CPOs & ACPOs are required to successfully complete training routines in formation marching, understand the basics of physical training, participate in cross-country walks, and unarmed combat as well. One outcome of the training program is that teachers are facilitated to acquire fitness and develop positive daily habits. It is advisable to conduct such training at a centrally located Police Training Facility for CPOs/ACPOs from all over the state, in batches, as necessary. All CPOs & ACPOs must necessarily complete SPC Basic Training during their first year after appointment to the post.
  2. DRILL INSTRUCTORS & ADNOS The basic course for Drill Instructors is a 7-day residential training program that covers various aspects of the SPC program, and is meant to orient police personnel as educators of high school students. Classes on personality development, motivational psychology, skill development, contemporary youth issues, and other relevant topics are the subject matter of this course. Senior police officers as well as professional trainers lead the various educational exercises. This program sensitizes police personnel on various social and development issues, enabling them to empathize with student problems. An outcome of this training is that DIs (& other police personnel) who undergo the course are motivated and equipped to work with students, as mentors, facilitators and guides.


In order to acquaint senior officials with the SPC program, one-day workshops and training classes on various aspects of the SPC project are conducted periodically. One category of officials for whom such orientation workshops are conducted includes District-level Heads of Police & Education, as well as higher officials from these departments. Similarly, one day training program on aims, objectives and other details of SPC Project are organized for District Nodal Officers, Addl. District Nodal Officers, Student Police Liaison Officers (Inspector), SHOs, Drill Instructors, Community Police Officers, Heads of Education institutions which is selected for implementing SPC Project and District level officers of and above the rank of Forest, Excise, Transport, Fire force and Local Self Government.


Every year, Refresher training courses for various categories of officials are conducted, viz. two-day Program for District Nodal Officer, PSLOs, SHOs, and Heads of Educational Institutions, Three- day residential program for Drill Instructors, and Seven-day residential program for CPOs and Addl. CPOs. The purpose of these workshops is to update the officials on changes and developments of the project, invite their feedback for modifications to program components, and ensure uniformity of SPC program implementation across the state.
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